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Computer Science

"I'm not interested in the future,
I'm interested in the future of the future."
-Robert Doniger, 1996

The structuring of these subjects largely follows the structure of the courses offered at La Trobe University



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-Sten Morten Andersen

Computer Science
More in Norwegian

Part 1: Computers

1.1 Computer organization

1.1.1 Logic gates

1.1.2 Alternative logic-gate representations

1.1.3 Memory (Flip-flops)

The NAND gate latch (latch)

Clock signals and clocked flip-flops

Clocked J-K flip-flop

Clocked SC flip-flop

Part 2: Mathematics

2.1 Calculus (More in Norwegian)

2.1.1 The differentiation rules Some special derivatives

2.1.2 The laws of logarithms

2.1.3 Newton's method

2.2 Functions and number systems

2.3 Discrete mathematics
Source: Perkal

2.3.1 Boolean algebras The axioms for Boolean algebra Duals Disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) Karnaugh maps

2.3.2 Logic Implication Converse, contrapositive, inverse

2.3.3 Counting The Binomial Theorem The Multinomial Theorem Combinatorics

The Multiplication Rule

The Addition Rule

The Inclusion-Exclusion Principle

Permutations and combinations